Catholic Women’s Conference 2014

We have some exciting news. Rochester will have its own Catholic Women’s Conference in 2014. (Definite date to be determined after we have the permission of our new Bishop)

Click Here for more specific information on the conference.

We expect that all you who participate in our Magnificat gatherings will be interested in this program. Magnificat is going to support this conference as much as possible. They have especially asked the Magnificat ladies if we would help with hospitality, greeting or being a parish contact.

The parish contacts would:

  • Get information in their parish bulletin (prepared by the Marketing/Publicity Committee),
  • Personally inviting women to attend.
  • When possible give a pulpit announcement at all Masses for one weekend
  • In Syracuse, some parish captains set up a lovely table with flowers, pretty feminine table cloth on the weekend of the promotion and gave registration forms out after all the Masses.
Having two parish captains per parish is the ideal. If you are interested or have questions about being a parish captains please contact Maria Mruzek via e-mail.

Of course any other help you can give – time, talents and seed money – will be most appreciated. For general information contact Christine DiNovo at .

God bless,

The Service team

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