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Volunteer Information

Committees – The essential function of Magnificat is to host a quarterly Magnificat Meal. The Rochester NY Chapter holds an event 4 times a year. While the Service Team is responsible for many aspects of the Meal, the Magnificat Meal could not happen without the assistance of volunteers on each of the committees.
Please consider assisting this ministry with your time and talent by volunteering for one or more of the committees. Each committee has a chairwoman and committee members. If you would like to learn more click here.

The Service Team – Assumes overall responsibility for the ministry and keeps it faithful to the vision and purposes of Magnificat.

The Music Ministry – Is a vital ministry. Good music can add so much to everyone’s participation and enjoyment of the occasion. Local music groups are invited to lead the music.

Intercessory Prayer – Several prayer groups intercede for Magnificat and the needs of the Church. click here.

Prayer Teams –The primary functions of the Prayer Teams are to be available following the meal to pray with women who desire individual prayer for themselves or others. It usually includes the laying on of hands.

Hospitality – This ministry is a hallmark of Magnificat. The goal is for everyone to feel welcome and loved. These ministries, Greeters and Hostesses, are key to the success of a Magnificat event.

  • Greeters – Assist at the entrance and help guests with coats. They are sensitive to newcomers and special guests. They are warm and welcoming setting the tone of the event.
  • Hostesses – Are the heart of the ministry. The hostesses meet one hour before the meal for prayer and instruction. A hostess is assigned to each table, and she greets guests as they arrive. The effectiveness of the Magnificat ministry in reaching out to our guests depends largely on the hostess. The “welcome” they extend can do much to dispose a guest to respond to the Lord throughout the meal.

The Registrar – Is responsible for maintaining a current mailing list, receiving the registrations and printing name tags. She is also the information contact.

Facility Committee – is responsible for making sure the environment is properly decorated with table decor on every table and that the Magnificat banner is displayed at each meal.

Invitation – A group of women to prepare invitations for mailing and take them to the post office. This is a good way for a small prayer group to help the ministry.

Publicity and Clerical Committee – Work together to accomplish all the communication tasks. They are responsible for “spreading the Good News” of an upcoming event. This committee needs women who have various computer skills, some basic and others more specific. The chair of this committee coordinates the efforts of the various members and is the liaison to the Service team.

Publicity Chair – Coordinates all the publicity tasks. Obtains the biographical information, pictures and specifics from the Service Team for each event and distributes that information to the various sub committees. She follows up to see if all the tasks have been completed in a timely way.

Proof Readers – Several women are needed to proof read the various literature that is created by Magnificat, both in English and Spanish. One or two proof readers will be asked to work with each of the following sub committees so that the work is shared.
Public Service Announcements: This person sends publicity information to local newspapers, Diocesan web sites and the Station of the Cross and other venues as available. Information to be provided by Publicity Chair.

Parish Bulletins Announcements – This person needs to have access to the Diocesan inter office communications. She will receive the necessary information from the Publicity Chair. That will include the poster and invitation in both languages. She will compose the bulletin announcement and letter to accompany the attached files.

Creating Invitations and Posters – Most forms are already in existence and merely require updating for each event. Publisher and Adobe acrobat programs are needed. After they are completed and proof read, they are sent electronically to the printer and web master.

Creating Program – The program is done approximately 2 weeks before the events. Information to be included in the program will be provided by the Service Team.

Translators – All the publicity information needs to be translated from English to Spanish. Two or three bilingual women are needed to share the work of translating and proof reading.

Web Master – Keeps the web site up to date and trains others to access e-mails and registrations done on line.

E-mail – Keeps e-mail addresses current. Responds to mail received. Send out poster and invitations to all in the address book as well as any other pertinent information that the service team wishes to send out.

If you want more information about these committee please contact Magnficat.
By Phone: Louise Carson at 585-233-8647 or by Email